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NTC Tower is Completed

National Telecommunications Tower is now complete, with a spire. Sudan’s tallest building is located next to the Manshia bridge and is powered using solar panels. The building has a very hi-tech/modern design.


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Al Mogran Project

This project is probably the biggest project going on in Sudan and one of the biggest in Africa. Here is the builders description.

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An era of business prosperity

The new Almogran is a development to a standard and scale previously unseen in Sudan or the region.

Phase I : Almogran Central Business District

ImageA brand new 160-acre Central Business District (CBD).  This state-of-the-art, prime commercial real estate will act as a hub for Eastern Africa’s modern business market.  Almogran is located on the junction between The White and the Blue Nile.  The CBD has been carefully master planned to create a dynamic and livable business environment, with pedestrian-friendly tree-lined streets, a river walk, and a mix of business, commercial, and residential properties. All of this comes together at the only place in the world where it is possible to have a spectacular view of the three Niles.

Phase II : Almogran Residential Estate
To the south of Almogran CBD, along the banks of the White Nile, lies a 1500-acre residential development featuring a variety of carefully planned neighborhoods of luxurious villas, townhouses, and apartments, complete with supporting neighborhood shops, schools, and recreational and leisure facilities.  The development includes an 18-hole signature golf course and resort, public parks and gardens, with preservation of the Sunuut Forest Reserve.

Almogran will be served by a dedicated Public Development Authority (PDA) whose responsibility will be to give support to all investors and to ensure adherence to Urban Design Guidelines during and after the development process.  The PDA also provides a management function for the provision and up-keep of all utilities and services, thereby maintaining the high development standards and maximizing the value of Almogran for the future.

Almogran – A truly integrated community

ImageAlmogran central business district, built to the highest international standards, is the ideal location for international, regional and local business. Unlike any other Central Business District (CBD) in the world, Almogran is purpose built within a country experiencing dynamic increased economic growth.

Almogran incorporates world-class infrastructure, luxury amenities and lush landscaped gardens. The CBD features an integration of mutually supporting uses and services including business offices, shops, apartments, restaurants, entertainment and leisure facilities. A purpose-built road network, with underground parking and a dedicated shuttle bus service, provides easy transport around the city. There are a network of covered pedestrian colonnades and a main promenade along the bank of the White Nile. All of this comes together to create the ideal location to Work, Play, and Stay.

Water, electricity and all centralized utilities have been designed and installed privately by Alsunut Development within the city, so that all business and residential needs are taken care of with the highest level of reliability. Utilities have been built to support the total development, with sufficient capacity to assure your needs today and in the future.

Pedestrian walks, parks and public areas will be managed and maintained by Alsunut, which will promise the community a lifestyle to exceptionally high standards.

As a master planned environment, the city has been carefully zoned and approvals will only be given to projects that can be completed within strict parameters. This ensures that Almogran operates effectively and efficiently for the welfare of all owners, tenants, workers and residents.

high standard of living

Almogran’s master planned residential estate comprises several spectacular neighbourhoods. The highest level of luxury meets functionality – right on the doorstep for each resident. Within the boundaries of Almogran and its integrated transport network, there are a variety of flourishing residential neighbourhoods, parks, schools, community shopping centres and community facilities.

A tranquil and verdant environment, Almogran residential estate offers residents breathtaking views of the White Nile, tree-lined streets and distinctive, spacious villas.

Harmonious balance of well-appointed apartments and villas, handsome private neighbourhoods and lush landscaping make Almogran residential estate a most desirable residential community in a unique setting. And for those who appreciate an exclusive lifestyle, they will find advantages of living within a secure master planned community.

And an environment to rest and play

ImageWhen you plan over 7,900 apartments and 1100 villas with parks, lakes, and sports facilities, you’re not just creating buildings, you’re creating a community.

Almogran provides everything people need within easy reach – often within walking distance. It’s not just about architecture, urban design, traffic and recreational planning. The world-class 18-hole Almogran Signature Golf Course makes living in Almogran valley a golfer’s paradise. The original Sunt Forest has been preserved and further enhanced to provide an ecologically sensitive and educational environment.

The goal – to create neighbourhoods of the highest standards of living and to provide quality homes.

Pedestrian walks, parks and public areas will be managed and maintained by Alsunut, which will promise the community a lifestyle to exceptionally high standards.

As a master planned environment, the city has been carefully zoned and approvals will only be given to projects that can be completed within strict parameters. This ensures that Almogran operates effectively and efficiently for the welfare of all owners, tenants, workers and residents.

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Dongola El Silaim Bridge

The Project is contracted as design-build and is also a fast-track project. The bridge is planned to be constructed on the main River Nile and will connect Dongola on the western bank to El Silaim on the eastern bank. The length of the bridge is 686 meter long with approaches connections to El Silaim, Karima and El Silaim to Halfa roads. The bridge is being designed as a prestressed concrete bridge with spans of 40m resting on 17 piers and two abutments. Construction is expected to start this year after completion and approval of the detailed design.Newtech is responsible for the design review including site selection and construction supervision and maintenance period inspection.

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Any ideas?

If you have any ideas that you want to post please reply to this post

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Tuti Island Devolopment

There are many developments including hotels and resorts planned for Tuti Island. Many older residents are against the plan, wanting to keep Tuti Island a quiet village like Island away from the nearby bustle of Khartoum.

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Merowe Dam to Start Producing Electricity In October

Merowe Dam, the largest hydro electrical project will start producing electricity in october of this year. The project also included the building of many roads and railway lines for the transport of equipment, a hospital, and an international airport.

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Sudan Electronic City

Sudan Electronic city is a proposed technology park that would be built around Khartoum by an Indian company. The plan proposes a technology city where educational institutions, and the public and private sector can be headquartered. The plan also outlines R&D facilities for the corporations use. The city would increase the level of IT expertise in Sudan as well as create thousands of jobs and bring many businesses to Sudan. Here is the full plan:

Typical Science Park (Hong Kong)

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Khartuom Diplomatic School

KDS is a great school for children of expats visiting sudan.

Here is the school’s description of their insitution:

There are foreign families living in the Sudan and many more are coming to invest in the country in Oil, gas, Gold etc. These families need education for their children in The British International System. Khartoum Diplomatic School is here ready to offer that very needed education.

It is comprised of children from 30 countries. The medium of communication in the school is English. However, Arabic and French are taught as additional languages taking different levels.

The school is divided into four main sections located in two main buildings:

  • Pre-school

  • Lower School

  • Middle School

  • Upper School

The school takes pride in its strong system and equipment needed for the various groups and levels of education. It is divided into upper and lower sections. The Lower Section takes children from the age of two into Kindergarten One, and runs up to Grade Six. The Upper Section takes Grades Seven to Eleven. In Grade Eleven the children sit for The University of Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). The school is made Center for IGCSE in the Sudan.

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Khartoum Needs Pedestrian Bridges

There has been many pedestrian deaths in Khartoum, Bahri, and Omdurman due to the lack of traffic control and the recklessness of drivers. The obvious solution to this problem is the construction of pedestrian bridges crossing the most dangerous of the streets.  Look at the pictures below. Now imagine the same scene, but with this bridge crossing the street and no pedestrians on the road. The bridges would be covered with clear plastic to protect from weather and help keep the bridge intact.

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NTC Tower

National Telecommunications Corporation  Tower

The Tallest building in Sudan

Location- Khartoum State

Client- National Telecommunications Corporation

Start Date- October, 2005

Completion Date-  2009

Floors- 29 Floors

Structural Type- High Rise

Building Uses- Offices

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