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Sudan Railways New Rehabilitation Projects


 Rehabilitation of Track Khartoum – port Sudan

800 Klm length

Owner           : Sudan Railways Corp.

Financial        : Giad Tractor Agricultural Equipment Co.

Contractors  : Project Implementation Unit (Joint Venture between SRC & GIAD)

Consultant : Sudan Railways Corp. (Project Department)

Duration : 2 years

Aids of Project: up grading of track components along the line
Khartoum – Port Sudan 800 km long – this upgrading lead to increase
the maximum speed from 40 km/hr to the average max speed 60-80 km/hr 

Rehabilitation of track line Babanousa/Nayala

Phase(1) babanousa/Eldaien 130km

Owner      : Sudan Railways Corporation

Financial   : Giad for tractor & agricultural equipments Co.

Contractor: projects implementation unit

(Joint venture between (SRC & Giad))

Consultant: Sudan Railways Corporation

                  (projects department)

Cost of project:                  US$ 120,000,000

Duration of project:              (2 years)


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