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For The Future of Sudan

The new site is now online go to


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Technical Diffuculties

Sorry for the delay in the new site. I should be up either this week or next week.

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Moving to!

Thanks to Kitayabi this site will soon be moved to You can still visit this site and be redirected to the new site, which should be up and running by tomorrow. Again, thank you to everybody who visited this site. Make sure to continue to read and comment. 


Clicking on the above banner will redirect you to the new site once it is set up.

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Online Sudanese Forums –Arabic and English – Arabic and English– Mostly English, Khartoum and Omdurman Development Forum

If you have any additions, please comment

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250 views to 1000

We are 250 views away from 1000 views. At 1000 views this site will go self hosted, dropping the from the domain. This will unlock the full potential of the blog, as it is not limited to’s rules. Please help us get 1000 views. Tell your friends about this site and promote it online. Thank You. You can check the progress on the sidebar.

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