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Khartuom Diplomatic School

KDS is a great school for children of expats visiting sudan.

Here is the school’s description of their insitution:

There are foreign families living in the Sudan and many more are coming to invest in the country in Oil, gas, Gold etc. These families need education for their children in The British International System. Khartoum Diplomatic School is here ready to offer that very needed education.

It is comprised of children from 30 countries. The medium of communication in the school is English. However, Arabic and French are taught as additional languages taking different levels.

The school is divided into four main sections located in two main buildings:

  • Pre-school

  • Lower School

  • Middle School

  • Upper School

The school takes pride in its strong system and equipment needed for the various groups and levels of education. It is divided into upper and lower sections. The Lower Section takes children from the age of two into Kindergarten One, and runs up to Grade Six. The Upper Section takes Grades Seven to Eleven. In Grade Eleven the children sit for The University of Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). The school is made Center for IGCSE in the Sudan.


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