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Advanced Agricultural Investment in Sudan

This investment below is from a Sudanese private firm DAL group in Northern state, near Wadi Halfa on Egyptian frontier

Wadi Halfa
DAl group

DAL Group Private Plane                                            Wheat           

Water Pumps                                                                          Tractor

There are over 200 million feddans of arable land available in Sudan.


Investment in foreign farms is not new. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 foreign investors rushed to snap up former state-owned and collective farms. Before that there were famous—indeed notorious—examples of European attempts to set up flagship farms in ex-colonies, such as Britain’s ill-fated attempt in the 1940s to turn tracts of southern Tanzania into a limitless peanut prairie (the southern Tanganyika groundnut scheme). The phrase “banana republics” originally referred to servile dictatorships running countries whose economies were dominated by foreign-owned fruit plantations.
But several things about the current fashion are new. One is its scale. A big land deal used to be around 100,000 hectares (240,000 acres). Now the largest ones are many times that. In Sudan alone, South Korea has signed deals for 690,000 hectares, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 400,000 hectares and Egypt has secured a similar deal to grow wheat. An official in Sudan says his country will set aside for Arab governments roughly a fifth of the cultivated land in Africa’s largest country (traditionally known as the breadbasket of the Arab world).
It is not just Gulf states that are buying up farms. China secured the right to grow palm oil for biofuel on 2.8m hectares of Congo, which would be the world’s largest palm-oil plantation. It is negotiating to grow biofuels on 2m hectares in Zambia, a country where Chinese farms are said to produce a quarter of the eggs sold in the capital, Lusaka. According to one estimate, 1m Chinese farm labourers will be working in Africa this year, a number one African leader called “catastrophic”.


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Top 5 Sudanese Companies and Corporations

   This is a list of the top Sudanese Companies, along with their logos and a brief description with a link to their website if available. Many of these companies have an international or continental presence, while some are conglomerates with many smaller companies under their ownership which we will try to list.

  1. DAl Group- A Sudanese Conglomerate that owns AL Sunut, the developers behind the AL Mogran Central Business District. They also own SAYGA Flower Mills, DAL Motors, Blue Nile Dairy, Sudanese Liquid Air, Sudanese Tractor Co, and many other companies.
  2. Giad-  Headquartered in Giad Center, Khartoum State, this company owns Giad industrial city, where all the cars, trucks, and tractors that they make are manufactured. They also produce wires, steel rebars and other industrial products. and 
  3. Safat Aviation co.- creators of the first 100% Sudanese manufactured airplane, and helicopter. Their main manufacturing center is the Safat Aviation Complex in the Khartoum Suburbs.
  4. National Telecommunications Corporation- As it’s name suggest, this  corporation is the leading authority in Sudanese Telecommunications. The NTC Tower, featured in a past post, is where they are headquartered.
  5. Sudan Airways-Despite a less than average safety record, Sudan Airways is the leading airways in Sudan and one of the only international airlines based in Sudan. Operates out of Khartoum International Airport.


DAL Group logo and Safat Aviation Logo not available

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Picture of Road Tunnel In Arkawet,near Afra Mall

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Pakistani Company to Establish 300 million dollar Cement Factory’s in Nahr Al-Nil State (SudanMediaCenter)

Minister for Industry Dr. Jalal Yousuf Al-Degair has commended the advanced Sudanese-Pakistani economic and industrial relations. The Minister who received at his office Monday a delegation of the Pakistani Best Day Company, a company specialized in the production and marketing of cement, affirmed that Sudan’,s doors are open before foreign investments in the field of cement manufacturing, which is now witnessing successive prosperity and growth. The Minister has explained that his ministry plans to produce 30 million tons of cement to meet national projects needs and the construction leap which are now covering the entire country. The Pakstani embassy Commerce Consul in Khartoum Faisal Iqbal, for his part, asserted the Best Day Company desire to establish a cement factory in Nahrel-Nil State for production of 450,000 tons of cement a year at capital of 300 million dollars, explaining that the feasibility study of the project had completed.

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Sudan Railways New Rehabilitation Projects


 Rehabilitation of Track Khartoum – port Sudan

800 Klm length

Owner           : Sudan Railways Corp.

Financial        : Giad Tractor Agricultural Equipment Co.

Contractors  : Project Implementation Unit (Joint Venture between SRC & GIAD)

Consultant : Sudan Railways Corp. (Project Department)

Duration : 2 years

Aids of Project: up grading of track components along the line
Khartoum – Port Sudan 800 km long – this upgrading lead to increase
the maximum speed from 40 km/hr to the average max speed 60-80 km/hr 

Rehabilitation of track line Babanousa/Nayala

Phase(1) babanousa/Eldaien 130km

Owner      : Sudan Railways Corporation

Financial   : Giad for tractor & agricultural equipments Co.

Contractor: projects implementation unit

(Joint venture between (SRC & Giad))

Consultant: Sudan Railways Corporation

                  (projects department)

Cost of project:                  US$ 120,000,000

Duration of project:              (2 years)

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New Roads in Sudan

 As part of Sudan’s recent development many roads are being built to accommodate the growing number of drivers, and to give Sudan a good image. Most of these roads are being built by European and Asian Companies. Here are some pictures of the new roads. 

Road Roller 

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Dongola El Silaim Bridge

The Project is contracted as design-build and is also a fast-track project. The bridge is planned to be constructed on the main River Nile and will connect Dongola on the western bank to El Silaim on the eastern bank. The length of the bridge is 686 meter long with approaches connections to El Silaim, Karima and El Silaim to Halfa roads. The bridge is being designed as a prestressed concrete bridge with spans of 40m resting on 17 piers and two abutments. Construction is expected to start this year after completion and approval of the detailed design.Newtech is responsible for the design review including site selection and construction supervision and maintenance period inspection.

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Merowe Dam to Start Producing Electricity In October

Merowe Dam, the largest hydro electrical project will start producing electricity in october of this year. The project also included the building of many roads and railway lines for the transport of equipment, a hospital, and an international airport.

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