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Sudan Railways New Rehabilitation Projects


 Rehabilitation of Track Khartoum – port Sudan

800 Klm length

Owner           : Sudan Railways Corp.

Financial        : Giad Tractor Agricultural Equipment Co.

Contractors  : Project Implementation Unit (Joint Venture between SRC & GIAD)

Consultant : Sudan Railways Corp. (Project Department)

Duration : 2 years

Aids of Project: up grading of track components along the line
Khartoum – Port Sudan 800 km long – this upgrading lead to increase
the maximum speed from 40 km/hr to the average max speed 60-80 km/hr 

Rehabilitation of track line Babanousa/Nayala

Phase(1) babanousa/Eldaien 130km

Owner      : Sudan Railways Corporation

Financial   : Giad for tractor & agricultural equipments Co.

Contractor: projects implementation unit

(Joint venture between (SRC & Giad))

Consultant: Sudan Railways Corporation

                  (projects department)

Cost of project:                  US$ 120,000,000

Duration of project:              (2 years)


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Safat Series Pictures

All pictures from                     

Safat -01                                       Safat Helicoppter


Safat-03                                                              Aircraft Maintenance




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New Roads in Sudan

 As part of Sudan’s recent development many roads are being built to accommodate the growing number of drivers, and to give Sudan a good image. Most of these roads are being built by European and Asian Companies. Here are some pictures of the new roads. 

Road Roller 

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Safat-03 Video

Here is a video of the Safat-03,Sudan’s first domestically manufactured airplane. It is made at the Safat Aviation Complex in Khartoum State. Video from Ahmed587 of the Skyscrapercity-Khartoum/Omdurman City Gallery.

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Sudanese Bloggers

While searching the internet, I have found many Sudanese bloggers and a list on Drima’s blog ( of Sudanese bloggers. The link to the list is in the links section of this blog. Blogs are a great resource for Sudanese around the world to connect with each other, read about the lives of other Sudanese around the world. Best of all, anyone can make a blog with basic internet skills, dedication to your blog and the time to promote it. Drima’s blog also has many references and blog posts about the Sudanese Blogosphere. Blogging is one of the Internet’s best uses.

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Sudanese Internet Users Vs. Mobile Phone Users


This graph shows that there are considerably more mobile phone users in Sudan than internet users. Recently, Google has developed a set of mobile phone services for mobile phones in Uganda. The services would be ideal for Sudanese Internet users also. A study conducted by the OpenNet initiative has found that:

Internet usage in Sudan is limited. Where infrastructure does exist, access can be prohibitively expensive. There are few locally produced Web pages.

The infrastructure in Sudan is not optimized for high-speed data communications services, and both the capability and reliability of domestic data networks need improvement. Fifteen Internet service providers (ISPs) operate in Sudan (2006), but only two have direct connectivity to the global Internet; the rest are considered by the Sudanese government to be operating illegally.

The number of home Internet subscriptions increased by a factor of ten between 2001 and 2005, rising from 50,000 to 500,000. During the same period, the number of Internet cafés more than doubled. However, Internet usage remains concentrated in Khartoum, accounting for 95 percent of Internet users. The majority of Internet users in Sudan rely on dialup connections (59 percent), and very few have high-speed Internet (19 percent). While 81 percent of universities in Sudan are Internet-equipped, most (65 percent) still use dialup connections.

The information and telecommunications sector in Sudan is regulated by the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC). In 1993, the state-owned Public Telecommunication Corporation was transformed into the Sudan Telecommunication Company (Sudatel), allowing private investors to purchase a share in the enterprise. However, two-thirds of the shares of the company remained in government hands while it assumed exclusive operational control of the sector.

In 2001, the Sudanese government adopted the National Strategy for Building the Information Industry, with the goal of enabling “all sectors of society to access information media in a way leading to the widest dissemination and utilization of information, all of which shall contribute to achieve an appreciated economic growth, wealth development, job opportunities, enhancement of all-sector production rates and eradication of poverty. As a result of the Strategy, Sudatel’s monopoly over mobile telephony ended in 2002 and competitive operators—including several ISPs—in telecommunications were licensed.

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New Banks In Sudan a Symbol of Economic Stability

Hello, there are many new banks coming to sudan and setting up headquarters. Does anyone know the names or websites of the banks that have recently opended? Comments and answers would be appreciated. Thank You.

Links by Saied:

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Please Comment on Posts

Hello, it is important for you viewers to comment on this blog and tell me what to fix, your opinions, and any news you think
I should post.

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Safat-01: Sham or Sudanese Success

There are many reasons to think that Safat-01 is a publicity stunt including but not limited to Sudan’s less that adequate flight safety record, the prospect of a 15,000 dollar plane that runs on automobile fuel, and the fact that nobody has heard of the project until it was inaugurated. Please tell us what you think and comment your opinions



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NTC Tower is Completed

National Telecommunications Tower is now complete, with a spire. Sudan’s tallest building is located next to the Manshia bridge and is powered using solar panels. The building has a very hi-tech/modern design.

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