The Sudanese Future

For The Future of Sudan

Sudan Overview

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A new era is dawning….

Khartoum, Sudan: the gateway to a world of opportunity.

The city of Khartoum is undergoing rapid developments triggered by the discovery of oil in Sudan.  This wealth creation is serving as a catalyst for modernization, driving demand for business and enhanced life styles.

Sudan is the largest, and one of the most diverse countries in Africa, home to deserts, mountain ranges and rain forests. The economic dividends of peace will be great. Sudan has large areas of cultivatable land, as well as gold and cotton. Its oil reserves are ripe for further exploration.

  • ImagePopulation: 33 million (UN, 2005)
  • Capital: Khartoum (population over 5 million)
  • Area: 2.5 million sq km (966,757 sq miles)
  • Major languages: Arabic, English
  • Main exports: Oil, cotton, sesame, livestock and hides
  • GNP per capita: US $460 (World Bank, 2003)
  • Internet domain: .sd

ImageThe epicentre of this regional economic opportunity is the world famous point where the White and Blue Nile rivers unite.  Welcome to a new era.  Welcome to the future of Khartoum.  Welcome to Almogran.


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